Brandon School Division

Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services is an interdisciplinary team of divisional specialists within the operating context of Brandon School Division.  The primary function of Learning Support Services is to provide support for schools in their work to facilitate, enhance, and accelerate each student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Support is provided through two major, inter-related service areas: Learning Support Services (LSS) Specialists in Curriculum and in Student Support Services. 

  1. Curriculum Learning Support Specialists provide support to schools and teachers to enhance and enrich all instructional practices in the provision of differentiated learning environments for all students.  The primary focus is on academic achievement and development.

Curriculum Support Specialists include:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Physical Education
  • English as an Additional Language
  • French Language
  • Technology in Learning
  • Learning Differences

In addition, collaborative teams of teacher leaders provide additional support to schools through a
broad set of divisional initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • Reading Recovery
  • Literacy Support
  • Teacher Mentorship
  • Middle Years Transitions
  • Origo Math Project
  • Professional Development Schools
  1. Student Support Specialists serve on interdisciplinary teams to assist students, families, and school personnel in meeting the individual social needs of students.  Student Support Services are available to students at each grade level.  A team is assigned to each school within the Division through the Collaborative Learning Community of Schools organization.

Student Support Services include:

  • Aboriginal Elder
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Speech/Language Pathologists
  • Aboriginal Education Counsellor
  • Medical Follow-up Program Worker
  • Learning Support Facilitators
  • Elementary Student Support Teacher
  • Attendance Counsellor
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Research

Most Learning Support Services personnel maintain offices at the Brandon School Division Administration Office and conduct the majority of their work in the schools.

Specific School Group assignments are:

Collaborative Learning Community 1
Alexander Barb Miller
George Fitton Gail MacDonald, Jaime Lombaert
Green Acres Craig Manson
King George David Lim
Kirkcaldy Heights Bruce Shamray, Sandy Harrison
St. Augustine Betty Howell
Crocus Plains Terry Osiowy, Ron Cruikshank, Elaine McFadzen, Ian Benson
Learning Support Facilitator Veronica Adams
Social Worker Barb Howe
Lori Driedger - King George, Riverview, St. Augustine, Valleyview
Psychologist Stephane Touzin
Speech/Language Pathologist Allison Manning - George Fitton, Green Acres, Kirkcaldy Heights
Nadine Fort - Earl Oxford, King George, Meadows,
St. Augustine
Collaborative Learning Community 2
J.R. Reid Shawn Lehman
Linden Lanes Kathy Brigden
Meadows Nancy Dane, Marcy Roziere
Riverheights John Minshull, Marty Jordan
Valleyview Darlene Wilkinson
Waverly Park Bob Lee
Vincent Massey Mathew Gustafson, Ken Seekings, Sean Brown
Learning Support Facilitator Glenda MacKay
Social Worker Bill Bolley
Psychologist Barb Jones
Speech/Language Pathologist Jan Pilling - Linden Lanes, Riverheights, Valleyview
Rene Snowdon - Alexander, Betty Gibson, J.R. Reid,
Waverly Park
Collaborative Learning Community 3
Betty Gibson Phil Vickers
Earl Oxford Rick Stallard
École Harrison Craig Laluk
École New Era Chad Cobbe, Lena Boisjoli
École O'Kelly Angela Voutier
Riverview Kelly Braun
Spring Valley  
École Neelin Secondaire Michael Adamski, Veronica Adams
Learning Support Facilitator Marsilah Peirson
Social Worker Carolyn Blaine
Psychologist Adrian Kuryliw
Speech/Language Pathologist Donna Wilson - École Harrison, École New Era, Riverview
Lori Morningstar - École O'Kelly, École Neelin Secondaire
At-large Assignments
Learning Differences Psychologist Pam Kelso
Aboriginal Counselling Erla Cyr
Aboriginal Elder Kevin Tacan
EAL Joanna Ford
French Language Delphine Holian
Literacy Cory Nevill
Numeracy Teresa Timmerman
Physical Education Ralph Clark
Assessment, Evaluation and Research Teresa Timmerman
Technology in Learning Reg Reimer